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The Globus/Terumo/ Harvest Smartprep3 PRP Bench Test
The Globus/Terumo/ Harvest Smartprep3 PRP Bench Test

* Bench Test Of the Globus/Harvest Medical Smartprep3 60cc PRP Kit*

If you are in orthopedics at all you have heard of Globus Medical. Back in 2022, Globus expanded their Biologics with the acquisition of Terumo (Harvest PRP). They have 30cc and 60cc PRP kits and adipose and bone marrow concentrate products on the market. Some friends came by with a couple 60cc Smartprep3 PRP kits and we tested them in our lab setup.
Protocol: 56cc blood draw to which 4cc of ACD-A is added.
2cc ACD-A put into the blood container. It is essentially a two spin protocol with a 4 min first spin followed by a 10 min second spin. Harvest is a bit unique in that the clinician doesn't have to do anything between the first and second spin...the centrifuge just slows down enough for the container to transfer some blood and plasma over and then the second spin starts back up.
RESULTS (we did two identical trial runs)
Platelet recovery percentage average: 85%
Avg. Platelet dose from 56cc blood -->> 6 cc PRP: 8 Billion
Average starting platelet count: 169 Avg PRP count: 1340
Average Concentration Factor: 7.9X
This was a very leukocyte rich PRP.
Avg. WBC from 4.6 in blood to 34 in PRP (7.4x incr. in WBC)
This is one of the best LR-PRP kits we have tested in terms of platelet recovery % and concentration, consistency of output, and leukocyte concentration.
Another bit of info we would could add in would be the Cost/Billion platelets. For example....if this kit costs $1000 for the 8 Billion platelet dose the metric is $125/Billion platelets. BUT if this kit costs $200 for this 8 Billion platelet dose, then the metric is $25/Billion platelets. This is a nice summary of kit efficiency and true cost to the clinician. It isn't perfect as it does not capture the consistency (ie. 6 cc PRP every time from 60cc blood input) or the spin time or the ease of use OR the quality of the coffee brought in by the company rep!

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