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  • Why Hip Pain Affects More Than Just Your Hip and How Orthobiologics Can Help

    Why Hip Pain Affects More Than Just Your Hip and How Orthobiologics Can Help

    If you’re suffering from chronic hip pain, regenerative medicine therapies have the potential to provide new hope for relief without the need for major surgery

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  • How do Orthobiologics Work for Hip Pain?

    How do Orthobiologics Work for Hip Pain?

    Whether you have a hip injury or are just experiencing pain in that sensitive area, you may be under the mistaken impression that the only solutions are steroid shots or narcotic medications, or a total hip replacement. But what if there was another option to minimize your pain and improve your hip function?

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  • Orthobiologics for Hip Arthritis, Labral Tears, and sometimes instead of hip surgery!!

    Hip Pain? Here is yet another patient testimonial for an orthobiologic instead of steroid or surgery. She is 2 months s/p PRP injection for labral tears in both hips. She had not improved from an “umbilical cord blood/placental tissue” injection a year before. 2.5 minute clip…. Results are becoming more predictable for this application at our clinic!

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  • 10 years of hip pain treated with a single in office injection of PRP!

    First off, results vary But what a great response our patient had in this testimonial! She had multiple steroid shots and medications over the past 10 years for intractable hip region pain. As a last resort before surgery, her hip surgeon sent her our way. We diagnosed gluteus medius and minimus tendinopathy with ultrasound on the same day in the office and on the same day did a LP-PRP injection after drawing 60cc of blood from her to make the PRP injection. Her words cannot be improved upon so we will let her tell her result! More and more clinicians are trying orthobiologics instead of steroids or pain meds….no need to wait 10 years!

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