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Can the rotator cuff tendon heal?
Can the rotator cuff tendon heal?

I get asked all the time.... (click for video)

"What happens to the sutures used to repair a rotator cuff tear? 

 "Does the rotator cuff tendon really heal after surgery?" 

This short video clip shows the subacromial space after a successful rotator cuff repair done for a 2cm complete tear in the tendon. The tendon is completely healed and the sutures are not even visible because the tendon and bursal tissues grow right around and over them. 2 years after surgery, using this arthroscopic surgery technique, 93% of the time this is the result we get...proven by MRI scans or ultrasound scans! We are now researching how to match these excellent rotator cuff repair results in larger tears and more chronic tears by adding orthobiologics like PRP (Platelet rich plasma) or stem cells (bone marrow concentrate) or  microfat (adipose)

Click here or on any link for the surgical video!

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